Drikung Translation Newsletter No. 1

Dear friends,

This is the first newsletter informing you about the activities of the two translation initiatives of His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgön Chetsang Rinpoche: The Rinchenpal Translation Project (RTP) and the Vikramashila Translation Project (VTP). Both projects are introduced on our recently launched website www.drikungtranslation.com. 

This year, the fourth meeting of the RTP with His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang was held at Milarepa Retreat Center, Germany, from 13th to 17th of May. For this year’s meeting we have been able to find sponsors for transportation and lodging for all registered RTP translators to participate in the meeting. Our thanks go to Drikung Kagyu Foundation (U.S.A.) and Garchen Foundation (Germany). Unfortunately, only the following five translators based in Europe could take part: Khenpo Tamphel (director RTP), Yeshe Metog, Katrin Querl, Sonam Spitz, and Solvej Hyveled Nielsen. His Holiness and Dr. Liane Pitsos also offered their valuable guidance during the meeting. 

This time, we managed to finalize the following texts that are now available for free download in our Download section:

1) Refuge and Bodhicitta Prayers / Dedication Prayers.

2) The Exceedingly Concise Liturgy of the Gurupūjā based on the Great Victorious Drikungpa.

3) The Practice of Amitāyus According to the Tradition of Machig Drupay Gyalmo.

We also worked on three other texts that are currently being edited: The Fivefold Mahāmudrā Known as the Radiant Glory of Blessing, The Samādhi Empowerment, and The Blessing of Vajra and Bell.

Also this year, the VTP is continuing under the guidance of Khenchen Nyima Gyaltsen for the fifth summer at the Milarepa Retreat Center. We are hoping to complete the drafts of our two current translation projects:

1)  Clarification of The Single Intention: Treasury of Essential Scriptures and Reasoning (by Khenpo Kunpal), and Jewel Light Rays: Concise Overview of the Sacred Dharma, The Single Intention (by Rinchen Jangchub)

2) The Great Drikung Teaching to the Assembly of Distinguished Disciples (by Sherab Jungne)

Thank you for your interest and support. 

May the precious Drikung lineage flourish and spread its soothing blessings in this world!

With all good wishes,

The members of RTP and VTP

21st May 2019